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What is FEEL ICELAND Collagen?

FEEL ICELAND Collagen is a high quality collagen supplement that gives you necessary amount of collagen, the major structural protein in human body, for beautiful skin, hair and nails as well as healthy bones and joints. Feel Iceland Collagen is made from wild fish caught in the pure Atlantic oceans surrounding Iceland. Amino Marine Collagen is in the form of powder that can be mixed into drinks, smoothies or yogurts for example. 

What is collagen?

Collagen is protein present in all connective tissues such as skin, ligaments, and tendons as well as in bones, hair and nails. As we age, there is less collagen synthesis that impacts the health of skin, bones and joints. From the age of 25, collagen production declines, by around 45, collagen levels may have dropped by up to 30%. As consequences, skin loses its firmness and elasticity resulting in sagged skin and wrinkles. In addition, a decreased cartilage formation lead to less joint flexibility and people begin to experience pain.

What is the difference between collagen and hydrolyzed collagen?

The molecular weight of hydrolyzed collagen is one of the key factors in producing hydrolyzed collagen with desired functional properties. The use of enzymes allows hydrolysis of collagen to obtain low molecular collagen peptides which will contribute to its functional and nutraceutical properties. Thus, hydrolyzed collagen is more easily digested resulting in higher absorption and efficacy.

Why choose FEEL ICELAND Collagen?

Feel Iceland Collagen supplement contains unique, enzymatically hydrolyzed, low molecular weight collagen peptides. Feel Collagen is designed for daily use, offering only natural and bioavailable collagen peptides to prevent the signs of continuous collagen decrease.

What is FEEL ICELAND Collagen made from?

Feel Iceland Collagen is made from fish skin derived from cold water fish caught off of the coasts of Iceland. Feel Iceland only uses wild-caught fish from sustainable fishing grounds that implement the highest quality standards. 

How is the FEEL ICELAND collagen made?

Our Amino Marine Collagen is enzymatically hydrolyzed (broken down) into its structural amino acid peptides in order to ensure optimal absorption and bioavailability.

What does Collagen do for the bones and joints?

Collagen is an important component of bones that determines bones and joints health. Results from clinical trials on the effect of oral supplementation with collagen peptides on bone density reveled that hydrolyzed collagen is able to stimulate osteoblast activity resulting in significant increase in bone strength. Clinical trials have also shown that oral supplementation of hydrolyzed collagen can help reduce joint pain. 

Is FEEL ICELAND Amino Marine Collagen safe?

Yes, it is 100% natural and safe. Our product is strictly produced from natural marine sources. Moreover, our collagen is effectively produced from fish, using food grade enzymes under optimal conditions. This product does not contain genetically modified materials.

Why is marine collagen different from animal collagen?

Animal collagen is produced from chicken, beef or pork. Compared to animal collagen, marine collagen has no disease issues when it comes to possibility of catching “mad cow disease” (bovine spongiform encephalitis, BSE) or other infectious diseases. In addition, marine collagen has no cultural sensitivity issues and therefore can be used by all populations worldwide.

What is the amino-acid profile of FEEL ICELAND Collagen?

FEEL ICELAND Amino Marine Collagen contains a specific composition of 18 amino-acids, predominately rich in proline, hydroxyproline and glycine, the three principal amino acids in skin. Using Amino Marine Collagen, the body is supplied with the essential amino acids which are necessary to support of skin, bone and joint health and a better quality of life. 

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